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 Many thanks for all your efforts and personal attention in getting me setup and configured. I very much appreciated all the personal attention and your wealth of knowledge and experience on survival matters. It was a great experience doing business with you.

Thank you, P.K. Dallas TX.


"I spoke with a number of people and on-line stores when shopping for survival gear for a family flight to the Bahamas.  No one came close to the level of service provided by Aviation & Marine Survival Technologies. Randy helped me pick out the appropriate raft, water survival pack, and even talked me out of upgrading my exiting life vests. He said what I had was sufficient and even offered to checkout/test them for free if I paid the shipping! Very knowledgeable, honest, and great service."

Gary Troop
Destin FL



In 2012 while planning the 2013 Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention, I was searching for a water safety/survival expert to present a safety seminar. Randy Boone was recommended to me as someone that possessed a unique set of qualifications and abilities that would be exactly what I was looking for.

After contacting Randy about the possibility of having him attend the event and do a presentation, we began a dialogue about small-boat coastal and offshore safety. Immediately it became apparent to me that Randy was the person I needed to get to the event. He and I discussed the unique capabilities, limitations, and risks involved with sailing small boats in challenging conditions. He had access to information and equipment that needs to be introduced to this sport and its participants.

In addition to the equipment and information, Randy has the experience to speak as an authority on the subject. His career in the US Coast Guard brings a level of credibility along with his presentation - as he has “been there, done that” with respect to water rescue situations. He has seen first hand what works and what doesn’t. Years of witnessing rescues that went well, as well as rescues that did not, have given him a first-hand knowledge base to instruct individuals on what to really expect should the unexpected occur. He then takes that to another level by showing them hands-on, in the water, how to give themselves the best chances for survival and rescue.

Randy is in the business of Rescue and Survival training. However, the MOST impressive part of Randy’s presentation is this: Randy truly cares about the folks he is training. His presentation is not sales pitch is 100% oriented towards teaching his students how to stay alive and how to get rescued. This demeanor is readily apparent and allows him to engage his students, get them involved, and get real and meaningful training across.

I have no doubt that somewhere down the road…one of our students that participated in Randy’s training will put some or all of it to use. His training has caused me personally to re-evaluate my emergency procedures and to take some key steps to ensure the safety of myself and my loved ones. I cannot recommend Randy’s training highly enough. This training can/will save your life.

Thank You Randy!

Sean Mulligan

The Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention, Lake Havasu AZ


Randy knows his stuff when it comes to what you need to have in case of an emergency onboard an airplane. His counsel and advice certainly served me well in the one incident I was involved in. Randy Boone's sage words helped me and my family survive. I carry his equipment on my airplane today. I consider it a good insurance policy that I hope I never have to use."

Amy Laboda, Editor in Chief, Aviation For Women Magazine



The raft, PLB, and over water survival pouch all arrived and look great. You really went the extra mile - not only by providing so much information over the phone making sure my requirements were met, but also by having the survival kit and PLB all set up and ready to go.  I was impressed by the way you tethered elements of the survival kit to the pouch to avoid loss.  Without benefit of our discussion I would have bought the wrong raft and paid more. It is rare to combine such top notch service with an unbeatable price - keep up the great work!  

Jeff MacDonald, Cary, NC



I want to Thank you for coming all this way to put on your Survival 101 seminar for us at Admiral's Cove.  It was obvious that your seminar woke a lot of people up as to what needs to be done to survive in a marine environment.  So many boaters really do not have a clue of what needs to be done in a survival situation and your seminar put us on the right track.  You explain the right  type of equipment that is best to have and how to use it.  I think every boater and pilot that flies over water should participate in your course.  We hope we never need to use this information but if we do, it can help save our lives.
Keep up the great work!
Mike Fortun
Admiral's Cove Yacht Club


Dear Randy,

It was a pleasure having you come to Hot Springs, Arkansas and provide Airborne Air Ambulance with your expertise in survival training.  I can’t remember when we’ve had such a great lesson that will ultimately save our lives and the lives of our patients.  You stayed on task and on time.  Your knowledge was exemplary and you provided real life answers to our questions.  I was very impressed with the Winslow liferaft and look forward to acquiring one for our air ambulance operations.   

Thanks for a great job!!


Terry Hoard, Dir of Ops


I have been shopping for a liferaft for over 2 years.  Yeah I know that sounds ridiculous, but its the truth.  There are so many different raft manufacturers out there, and everyone believes that their raft is the best.  On top of that, there are WAY to many options that most people can't even explain the purpose for.  The main thing that I really didn't like was that I was having trouble finding someone that was knowledgeable about all the rafts and didn't have a biased opinion about one.  When I found Randy, I found exactly what I was looking for.  He was knowledgeable about the rafts on the market, and supplied the material I needed to make a educated decision on my purchase.  Not to mention the best prices I could find anywhere, and the great one on one customer service you need when purchasing something of this nature. 

Thanks again Randy! 

Clayton Ludington, Central California


SeaRay Club Forum Post

Red Stripe
08-30-2013, 05:17 PM

Bought my Winslow 40ULO lightweight and compact liferaft from Randy at Marine Survival Technologies ( at the beginning of this season. I was going through the same process as you and called him because he had the best price. He earned my business because he spent a half hour on the phone with me giving me an incredible education on liferafts and search and rescue well beyond anything I have ever read. He's retired Coast Guard and his wisdom was invaluable. I have no affiliation with him or his company. Just a gem of a man who would be worth speaking with regardless of what you end up doing.



Dear Randy,
We are at the close of the 2005 Treasure Hunt, which again, has been well received. Thank you for bringing a new touch to the meaning of aviation survival.
It is amazing that in the period of time that you demonstrated the survival skills and inflated the life-raft, you changed for each of us, the understanding and the perspective of survival at sea following the ditching of a private plane.
Your intimate knowledge of the elements, nature, sea-life, and survival techniques will be greatly appreciated should we ever face the predicament of flying into the water.
After seeing your concept of the survival pouch, we need to include them as part of the registration for Air Journey's long-range excursions. The A.S.T. survival pouch was extremely well received by our clientele. It is very easy to wear and a very attractive alternative to any other survival equipment available.
We would highly recommend anyone flying over water or unfriendly territory to carry the A.S.T. Survival Pouch.

Thierry Pouille


Randy has been the water survival "guru" for the Cayman Caravan for the past sixteen years. He has conducted seminars for well over 1,000 general aviation pilots who were about to depart Key West for a flight over Cuba to the Cayman Islands.
The combination of his general aviation experience and Coast Guard background make him uniquely qualified as a bona fide expert in light aircraft overwater operations.
The AST Overwater Survival Pouch is a direct result of Randy's understanding of the cockpit environment as well as the survival environment. When I fly over water, I am wearing the AST Overwater Survival Pouch.

Ross Russo


Dear Randy,
I just finished showing my wife your survival pouch and explaining to her the type of things to do for safety when flying over water. I was especially pleased at how much I have learned about flight over water safety and how much more comfortable I am with the idea. Thank you for the life's lesson.

Mike Brosler
Executive Producer,


Dear Randy,
Debbie and I got so much from our trip to the Bahamas and we thank you for your instruction and help. We will always retain the survival information you showed us and the use of the equipment. We expect to travel over water again. Your information would also be very useful for an incident over land.

Steve and Debbie Schroder, Moline IL.

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