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Marine Offshore Safety Equipment

When purchasing marine offshore safety equipment, it is imperative that you buy the correct items needed for your safety. There are many types of life rafts and survival equipment in today's marketplace and you should be aware of all the options available before purchasing.

Buying the right life support equipment can be crutial to your survival. I can help you design your Winslow life raft to your specifications. We can upgrade the ballast system, add stowage pockets, add a PLB, or the MST Life Raft Complement Kit. Or, if you have prescription medicines or glasses, we can throw them in as well. Give me a call and let's get your Winslow Life Raft built and on it's way.





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Why settle for anything less?

Marine Survival Technologies carries only the best!  When it comes to your safety, there should be no compromise! When looking for lifesaving equipment for you, your family, or crew, you must do your homework. There are some products that are not so good and some that are superior. There's no doubt that we want the very best when our lives are at stake.

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Introducing the SOS (Two Person) Coastal Life Raft!


Just toss it in and it inflates!

At Last! An affordable two person life raft that can be easily carried on small fishing boats or power boats traveling up to twenty miles from shore.

Weighing in at only 17 lbs.


Simply toss it into the water and it automatically inflates, or you can configure it for manual inflation.The SOS Marine Life Raft is a two person coastal life raft with plenty of room for a third person if necessary. The over sized tube provides a high freeboard and the boarding assist tube helps to keep the life raft from flipping while climbing in.

Ninty-percent of U.S. Coast Guard calls for assistance take place within twenty-miles from shore.

Although the SOS Marine Life Raft is considered a coastal life raft, it carries many of the features normally carried on an offshore life raft, such as oversized ballast bags, a sea anchor, a foam insulated floor for hypothermia protection, and a nice equipment package with signals and necessary supplies needed for sea survival. For wind and rain protection, you can add the SOS canopy kit.

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