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Marine Survival Technologies is owned by Randy Boone. Randy is a retired U.S. Coast Guard Senior Chief Aviation Survivalman (ASMCS). As an ASM, he was tasked with inspection and repairs of all unit inflatables, including life vests, life rafts, and aircraft floatation systems. Prior to his retirement, he was co-responsible for re-writing and computerizing the scheduled maintenance procedures for all ALSE, rescue, and crew survival equipment used in U.S. Coast Guard Aviation. As a multi-aircraft crewmember (HU-16E, HU-25A, HC-130H), Randy has spent thousands of hours searching for persons in the water. He knows first hand what, and how, signals will catch a searcher's eye and he also knows that without signals, your chances of being spotted and rescued, become very slim.

When purchasing lifesaving survival equipment, it is important to know what survival equipment you need for your boating area. This is Randy's area of expertise!

Before purchasing emergency gear from someone who knows nothing about survival equipment and who has never even seen an inflated life raft, contact Marine Survival Technologies to make sure that you are purchasing the correct survival equipment needed for your boating area.


Free Shipping On All Winslow ULO Ultra-Light Offshore Plus Liferafts!

Free Shipping On All New Switlik Coastal Passage and Offshore Passage Liferafts!


When it comes to your safety, there should be no compromise. Order your safety equipment from an expert! With twenty-three years as a U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Survivalman, Randy knows first-hand what equipment is needed for successful water survival.


For the Guaranteed Best Prices on the Internet! I will match any advertised price from my competitors.  


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Winslow, Switlik, Elliot, Viking, and Revere Coastal & Offshore Liferafts

Why settle for anything less?

Marine Survival Technologies carries only the best!  When it comes to your safety, there should be no compromise! 

When looking for lifesaving equipment for you and your family or crew, you must do your homework. There are some products out there that are not so good and some that are superior. I choose my life rafts based on my 'on-hands' experience as a life raft technician and knowledge of the seas and Great Lakes.



MST Deluxe Lifevest Signaling Kits w/ 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon Installed.

Once you go into the water, there are no "time-outs" or "do-overs". What you have on you is what you have with you.

Introducing the MST Deluxe Lifevest Signaling Kits w/ McMurdo, ACR, or Ocean Signal PLBs. Simply attach this kit to your lifevest or belt so it will be with you when you need it. 

With thousands of hours searching for survivors from U.S. Coast Guard aircraft, I can tell you first hand how difficult it is to spot a person in the water. Water robs your body heat twenty-five times faster than ambient air. That's why it is so important to get found and to get found fast! Let's face it, if you are not able to produce a signal that will attract a searcher's eyes, you stand a very good chance of non-survival.


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ICOM M92D Advanced Class D DSC VHF Handheld with GPS!

This advanced handheld combo is packed full of essential features and is the world’s first active noise-cancelling handheld VHF radio with Class D DSC and GPS. The active noise cancelling feature quiets background noise by up to 90 percent on both outgoing and incoming calls. The M92D is compliant with U.S. Coast Guard Class D DSC regulations, and is also equipped with robust software features like a digital compass, navigation functions, and waypoint storage, plus a 48-channel internal GPS. Keep the water out of your grille with AquaQuake™ and find your radio every time with ICOM's Float ’n Flash technology.

  • Material: Cast aluminum chassis
  • Controls: Ten buttons, four soft keys
  • Scanning Modes: Priority, Tag, Dual- and Tri-watch Weather Alert: Yes
  • Transmit Power: 5/1W
  • Receiver Performance: Sensitivity: 0.25µV; Rejection: 70dB
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion: 1500mAh
  • Battery Life: 8-10 hours
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX7, floats
  • Display Type: Dot matrix DSC: Class D
  • GPS Receiver: 48-channel
  • NMEA Output: No
  • Warranty: Three-year waterproof

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